Embed A 3D Big Box


Display a zoomable and rotatable 3D model of your big box games on your website by adding single line of code.


  1. Download the 3DBB.zip from http://bigboxcollection.com and unzip its content
  2. Upload the 3DBB folder and its content to your server
  3. Upload your textures to your server
  4. Optional: Upload the EmbedA3DBigBox.xxx files too if you wanna use this tool. Using it without a webserver won't load any textures.


h, w, d height, width and depth of your big box (in millimeter)
s relative size that your big box should be rendered (100% is default)
z defines if your big box is zoomable
(1 = zoomable; 0 = not zoomable)
f Allows fullscreen view in new tab
(1 = allowed; 0 = not allowed)
b background color of the rendering (hex values without the leading #)
t relative URL of your texture file
(file must be on the same server the script is running on)

How to use

  1. Get all your parameters ready

You'd need to change the path to your 3DBB too.

  1. Add the following code to whatever page your box should be displayed on

<object data="/3DBB/box.html?h=220&w=180&d=40&s=100&z=1&b=aaa&t=textures/texture.jpg" style="height:600px;width:500px;border:none;"/></object>


The texture is composed of scans of your box's front, back as well as right and left side.
The texture's resolution can be changed to any value in order to save bandwidth and/or offer high res renderings.
What has to be considered though, is that the width of the single parts must be kept as follows:

Don't worry about stretching right/left side scans as this will be automatically corrected when rendered.
The texture used in the example above does contain guidelines for these measures.


The About 3DBigBox link can of course be tweaked and removed. If you get rid of it, please consider adding a link to http://bigboxcollection.com in another spot of your site.

Wanna get rid of that shadow effect? Well, just edit the embedded CSS in 3DBB/box.html